R pkg BoF by Andreas Tille
Tools inside Blends framework by Andreas Tille
Debian Diversity Team discussion session by Rhonda D'Vine
Hacking with x86 Windows Tablet and mobile devices on Debian by Kenji Shimono
Segregated Dynamic Linking (keeping the peace between incompatible dependencies) by Vivek Das Mohapatra
Autodeb: Automatic Packages for Everything by Alexandre Viau
Debian Go Packaging Team BoF by Alexandre Viau
Using the power and spirit of a worldwide free software community to promote language exchange. by Marcelo Santana - A Build Service for Installation and Cloud Images by Thomas Lange
Inclusion and development - the Meilix Internet kiosk by Tarun Kumar
Debian Policy BoF by Sean Whitton
Creating Inclusive Teams in Tech by Gloria Dwomoh
Report from the Debian EFI team about the support of Secure Boot on Debian by Helen Koike, et al.
git-debrebase - new tool for managing Debian packaging in git by Ian Jackson & Sean Whitton
dgit and git-debrebase workshop by Sean Whitton & Ian Jackson
Lightning Talks by Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
Xen in Debian BoF by Ian Jackson
Delta upgrades revisited by Julian Andres Klode
MariaDB and MySQL in Debian - next steps in packaging, automation and quality by Otto Kekäläinen
Does Debian respect users privacy? by W. Martin Borgert
News from the APT team by Julian Andres Klode
Autodeploy from salsa by Enrico Zini
How Debian helped translating thousands of articles in Wikipedia! by Kartik Mistry
SPI BoF by Martin Zobel-Helas & Luca Filipozzi
Docker & Go packaging, an overview of the challenges by Arnaud Rebillout