Debian on Mobile Devices by W. Martin Borgert
Ignoring Negativity by Bdale Garbee & Steve McIntyre
Electronics BOF by Bdale Garbee
Debian Desktop, for the elderly by Georges Khaznadar
Making Games Work Better on Debian by Keith Packard
Analysing Debian packages with Neo4j by Norbert Preining
Status of Japanese (and CJK) typesetting with TeX in Debian by Norbert Preining
Meet the Technical Committee by Gunnar Wolf, et al.
Rethinking font packages—from the document level down by Nathan Willis
Learn how to triage bugs by Solveig
AppArmor in Debian: let's share feelings, technical feedback and skills! by intrigeri & Clément Hermann
Gnuk+GnuPG Explained for Debian Developers and Users by NIIBE Yutaka
That's a free software issue! by Molly de Blanc & Karen Sandler
R pkg BoF by Andreas Tille
Tools inside Blends framework by Andreas Tille
Debian Diversity Team discussion session by Rhonda D'Vine
Securing Debian Software Updates with Skipchains and Verified Builds by Kirill Nikitin
Segregated Dynamic Linking (keeping the peace between incompatible dependencies) by Vivek Das Mohapatra
Autodeb: Automatic Packages for Everything by Alexandre Viau
Debian Go Packaging Team BoF by Alexandre Viau - A Build Service for Installation and Cloud Images by Thomas Lange
Debian Policy BoF by Sean Whitton
Report from the Debian EFI team about the support of Secure Boot on Debian by Helen Koike, et al.
git-debrebase - new tool for managing Debian packaging in git by Ian Jackson & Sean Whitton
dgit and git-debrebase workshop by Sean Whitton & Ian Jackson