How to engage developers to contribute effectively to Debian and other open source projects in Asia

Speaker: Eden Dang

Track: Social context

Type: Short talk (20 minutes)

When I first learned about Free & Open Source at FOSSASIA Summit in 2009, I didn’t understand how contributions work within this community. Throughout the years, I got to learn that it takes certain time and efforts until a developer can find himself actively and effectively contribute to an open source project.

In this talk, I will explore the factors that affect their contributions, including:

  1. Culture and Communication
  2. Communication Channels
  3. Private and Public Chat or Issue Tracker
  4. Feature Requests and Bug Reports
  5. Join Development
  6. Commits/Pull Requests
  7. Scope of Issues and Commits
  8. Getting Started
  9. Documentation

These ideas and practices can be applied within the Debian project as well as any other free & open source projects in our community.