Eden Dang is an open-tech advocate from the Mekong Delta region, Vietnam. She was a member of the local organiser team of the GNOME Asia Summit Saigon, Vietnam back in 2009. Since then Eden took on the role of developer relations manager at FOSSASIA Organization. She actively promotes and connects the local open-source enthusiasts and developer groups across the region.

With an intensive cross industry experiences in event and tourism management, digital marketing and online education, Eden and her volunteer team have contributed to the success of FOSSASIA Summit throughout the years.

Accepted Talks:

How to engage developers to contribute effectively to Debian and other open source projects in Asia

When I first learned about Free & Open Source at FOSSASIA Summit in 2009, I didn’t understand how contributions work within this community. Throughout the years, I got to learn that it takes certain time and efforts until a developer can find himself actively and effectively contribute to an open source project.

In this talk, I will explore the factors that affect their contributions, including:

  1. Culture and Communication
  2. Communication Channels
  3. Private and Public Chat or Issue Tracker
  4. Feature Requests and Bug Reports
  5. Join Development
  6. Commits/Pull Requests
  7. Scope of Issues and Commits
  8. Getting Started
  9. Documentation

These ideas and practices can be applied within the Debian project as well as any other free & open source projects in our community.