共享試用不是真自由 - 從 DFSG 論如何認識及做好自由軟體著作權標示 by Lucien Lin
Packaging Workshop by Shih-Yuan Lee
跨社群合作:LibreOffice 宣傳動畫幕後花絮 by Franklin Weng
Panel Discussion: Story of Debian contributors around the world by Hong Phuc Dang, et al.
Debian Meets Smart City Applications by SZ Lin (林上智)
EzGo project by Eric Sun
Let's start salvaging packages! by Tobias Frost & David Bremner
Story of DRBL and clonezilla by Steven Shiau
Debian Brasil and DebConf19 by Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana
Debian Pkg Webextension Team BoF by Carsten Schoenert
Share our Scripts by Paul Wise
Rust packaging BoF by Ximin Luo
A Brief Introduction to Deepin by Felix Yan
Making Debian more user friendly by changing the web start page ( by Thomas Lange
Debian family wedding by Andreas Tille
Build tools for applying Debian to Embedded Systems by Kazuhiro Hayashi
當 TangleID 遇上台北市政府: 自由軟體如何改善公部門處理流程 by Jim Huang (黃敬群)
使用 OpenType 實現注音符號在數位環境的排版顯示 Implement Bopomofo Layout with OpenType feature by Bobby Tung
Using a Yubikey workshop: how to use it by Thomas Goirand
BoF: let's rewrite a new Debian installer, with live image, without udeb and busybox by Thomas Goirand
Deep Learning BoF by Hakase Hana
Let Package Be Package by 林博仁
GDPR in Debian by Tollef Fog Heen & Jonathan McDowell
SUSI.AI and Personal Assistants in Debian by Mario Behling
New Member BOF by Enrico Zini, et al.