Debian Pkg Webextension Team BoF

Speaker: Carsten Schoenert

Track: Ad-Hoc Talks

Type: BoF (45 minutes)


Room: Alishan (阿里山, 510)

Time: Jul 31 (Tue), 16:30

Duration: 0:45

Tome to do a BoF about Pkg Webextension Team?

Since Firefox 58 AddOns with an Webextensions interface are required to act as a plugin. By this one extensions could be used in Chromium and Firefox.

Thunderbird has also switched to Webextensions but not that strict as Firefox is doing.

This BoF should help to clear out some questions to improve the packaging of AddOns in the near future.

Possible Topics

  • How does Webextension work?
  • Where to collect the (team based) packaging in Salsa?
  • What about the build helping systems like xul_ext and dh_webext, where to move and what is still needed?
  • How can the wiki site in the Debian wiki improved?
  • Which information needs to be collected so existing packages or new packages can be build easily from stretch?

If you are interested, have questions or willing to help please join!