Keith Packard

Accepted Talks:

Making Games Work Better on Debian

Running games on Debian often means compromising the integrity of our systems by dual-booting non-free operating systems or installing non-free drivers on our Debian systems. This presentation will describe some work sponsored by the Valve Corporation aimed at helping make this situation better.

We’re working on improving the free Mesa implementation of the Vulkan API for AMD hardware, fixing support for Head Mounted Displays, and improving X support for animated applications. All of this work is (naturally) being done in the open within the context of the relevant free software projects.

Flying Rockets with Debian!

Bdale and Keith love to design, build, and fly high-power model rockets. They even started a small business together to manufacture completely open design hflight computers and related electronics that are now widely-known, used, and respected in the rocketry hobby. What not everyone knows is the role that Debian plays in all of this!

Punctuated by many cool pictures and videos of rockets, Bdale and Keith will explain how Debian is part of every aspect of their involvement in the rocketry hobby and Altus Metrum, LLC.