Gunnar Wolf

Accepted Talks:

Meet the Technical Committee

An opportunity to meet the members of the Debian Technical Committee who are in attendance at Debconf, hear the status of open issues, understand the nature of the TC’s work, and discuss pending and future issues with the committee.


Continuous Key-Signing Party introduction

One of DebConf’s recurring activities is the Key Signing Party. It helps Debian strengthen and expand its web of trust. This session will:

• Explain how keysigning is done in a DebConf setting

• Validate the SHA256 hash of the KSP coordination document

• Explain how to participate to people who did not send their keys in time

Note: It is strongly recommended for interested people to read the Wiki page on our keysiging party/process beforehand!

DebConf20: In... your city?

Where will DebConf20 be held? It’s your opportunity to suggest the best possible place in the world: Your own city!

The presented bids are: