Katheryn Sutter an indefatigable DIY tinkerer — user of Free-Open-Source-Software and Debian OS for day-to-day computing since 2003 — PhD community development and policy analysis, BS Human Resources and Family Studies. --consensus-building -- non-profit board training -- qualitative data analysis -- democratic theory

Accepted Talks:

In 1968 Mom built a computer

On the surface, this story shares vignettes about my Mom. But its purpose is to increase awareness of human resources in technology, and overlooked career pathways of women and other young technologists.

For example, In 1973 RCA hired her for self-directed projects in their chip prototyping lab. A marathon week of late-night needlework produced a crochet blanket and proved her mathematical mind to skeptical women co-workers. She told me stories of such ladies who wrapped wires for NASA a few years before. She said women’s milleniums of technical fiber-crafts were acknowledged when they helped put men on the moon.

What works well in project team governance

Facilitated discussion and short story sharing. What works well in some teams? How to share that knowledge across teams? How have new contributors become good project leaders? Where have good moderators learned their skills? How should we discuss team problems in ways that lead to good outcomes? In the future, how might Debian encourage discussion-process skills between teams?