Ex-Debian Project Leader and long-term contributor to Debian and lots of other Free Software projects.

In Debian, I'm the Images team lead, also working on installation, EFI, web, wiki, cloud images and others

My paid employment is with Arm in Cambridge, UK where I work on Free Software every day.

Accepted Talks:

Ignoring Negativity

Projects like Debian can only exist in a connected world, but the immense increase in communication capability of the Internet also has a dark side. The same capabilities that enable intense technical collaboration across immense distances also make it possible for negative voices to be amplified.

This session will be a panel discussion featuring some well-known, long-time contributors to Debian who are willing to share their experiences and advice on how to remain focused on what’s important. Criticism is vitally important to Debian, but developers need to be able to extract the constructive elements from public discussions. Hopefully, the content of this session will help!

Arm ports BoF

Annual get-together for the Arm porters and users, to discuss the state of the multiple Arm ports:

  • Current status
  • Future plans
  • Issues …

Web team BoF

Discussion session for the Debian website team:

  • VCS Migration - it’s done!
  • Post-mortem and future work
  • (re)Design work for the future
  • Content - what do we have? Enough? Too much?

Potentially many more topics, could be a busy session!

Debian Cloud Team BoF

Discussion session for the Debian Cloud team:

  • status on official images
  • tools for building our images
  • etc…

Debian CD workshop

Steve McIntyre leading a small group of interested contributors through the process of building official Debian CD images.