Debian Games: Learn more about free software games in Debian

Speaker: Markus Koschany

Track: Debian Blends

Type: BoF (45 minutes)


Room: Zhongyangjianshan (中央尖山) Live Stream

Time: Jul 29 (Sun), 11:00

Duration: 0:50

This talk is aimed for an audience who wants to learn more about games in Debian. How many are there, how can I find them, what kind of games are available and who maintains them? This presentation will give you a broad overview of the current state of Debian Games. It should give you some ideas what free software games are, who creates them, how they differ from commercial titles and why we should care about them.

While the main focus of this talk will be on free software games, I will also discuss tools and programs that make it possible to play commercial games on Linux that were released for different platforms, some of them long forgotten.