Server freedom: why choosing the cloud, OpenStack and Debian

Speaker: Thomas Goirand

Track: Cloud and containers

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)


Room: Yushan (玉山) Live Stream

Time: Jul 30 (Mon), 17:30

Duration: 0:50

After 7 years of OpenStack existence, it’s time to step back, and understand why using, and operating it is more important than ever. In this talk, we’ll cover why running your workload on the cloud is becoming increasingly crucial because of the costs and agility of the cloud empowers its users. We’ll see why running on the cloud, rather than on legacy dedicated servers, gives more freedom than ever. Then we’ll see why using OpenStack over proprietary solutions matters for your freedom. Finally, we’ll see how choosing Debian to run OpenStack makes a real difference in avoiding vendor lock-in.