Civilization runs on Debian

Speaker: Yoshitake Kobayashi

Track: Social context

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)


Room: Xueshan (雪山) Live Stream

Time: Jul 29 (Sun), 15:00

Duration: 0:45

Civil infrastructure systems, such as Power generation and distribution, industrial IoT gateways, healthcare devices, traffic control systems are essential systems to keep our society. Debian has already run on many kind of controllers for civil infrastructure systems, however there are gaps that need to be solved, for example such kind of systems has to survive for 10-50 years. To fill the gap, the Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project has launched to create an open source “base layer” of industrial grade software with Debian as a reference distribution. CIP has already started to contribute Debian related projects. In this talk, Yoshitake will start brief introduction of CIP. Then move to explain the latest status for CIP’s activities which include collaboration with Debian. Finally, he will show CIP’s technical roadmap to discuss how CIP can collaborate with Debian to make more sustainable base-layer.